The International Journal of Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Higher Education is a scholarly publication that seeks to create conversations about education (esp. policy, practice, and research of teaching) among scholars across the academic disciplines and across national and cultural borders.

Behind this journal is a vision that defines scholarship (its function, process, and view of quality) differently. We invite you to join us and help foster a community of educators who need and value access, equity, and interaction across borders in educational conversation.

Midwestern University logoPrint version of JIMPHE is sponsored by Midwestern University (a public institution) in Nepal. Readers elsewhere are asked to print articles from this site.

The second issue of JIMPHE is now out.

  • Factors Influencing University Students’ Academic Experience: An International Study. By Aileen M. Pidgeon, Nyketa L. Davies, Peta Stapleton
  • Culturally Responsive Lesson Plans from Papua New Guinea. By Cynthia Douglas
  • Placement of International English Language Learners: How Different Is It? By Brad Bostian
  • English Literature and Composition Studies in Bangladesh: Conflict, Co-existence, and Globalization. By Mohammad Shamsuzzaman
  • Social Learning Network as a Second Language Acquisition Tool for Adult English Language Learners. By Kioh Kim & Michael Taylor
  • The impacts of outlining and free writing strategies on the quality of Japanese L2 academic writing. By Zeinab Shekarabi

Here is the editorial and here is the table of contents with links to articles in downloadable .pdf files.

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